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  • TMBBQ Fest 2013

    Monday Oct 28 2013

    What makes good BBQ? Is it the burnt end? Maybe its the sauce or the rubs... or maybe its the company you have when you enjoy the Lonestar state's trademark food. If you are from Texas and enjoy BBQ as much as the rest of us then you may want to save this date: November 3rd. TMBBQ is back for another year! at this event they invite their Top 50 Joints that made the list to the TMBBQ FEST. You can't miss out! Details:Sunday, November 3, 20131-5 p.m. (VIP entry at noon)City Terrace at the Long Center for the Performing Arts701...

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  • Movies in Texas

    Wednesday Oct 16 2013

    Movies Filmed in TexasTexans know that there is so much more to our state than meets the eye. . It isn't all about food or fashion here, although those things may be notably important to what makes Texas, Texas. As a diverse state we have grown to welcome art that can be created through canvases, instruments and even film. Throughout our history these are just a couple of movies we have discovered that were filmed right here in the home land. Bonnie and Clyde (1967)Midnight Cowboy (1969)Last Picture Show, The (1971)Apollo 13 (1995)Good Will Hunting (1997)Traffic (2000)Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)...

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  • 10 reasons why people move to Texas

    Saturday Oct 12 2013

    Texas is one of the fastest growing states in the U.S., but apart from the obvious like our amazing food and great music, what is responsible for this rapid growth? The BBC wrote an article about Texas growth, and these are their top ten reasons why so many people are moving to Texas. “10 reasons why so many people are moving to Texas” 1. Jobs2. It’s cheaper3. Homes4. Low tax5. Pick your own big city6. Austin in particular7. Family friendly8. Fewer rules9. Texans are normal people 10. And they’re not going anywhere

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  • Fried Food Capital of Texas

    Wednesday Oct 09 2013

    One of the most memorable Fall trips to take in Texas is a trip State Fair of Texas! If you made it out last year then you may know about the tragic loss of one of the most familiar icons in Texas, Big Tex who burst into flames. This year he came back to over see and greet all our fellow Texans as they inhale glorious amounts of battered foods. Lets take a gander at the 2013 Big Tex Choice Awards Winners and Finalists.2013 Big Tex Choice Awards WinnersBest Tasting: Deep-Fried Cuban RollMost Creative: Fried Thanksgiving Dinner2013 Big Tex Choice...

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  • TopGolf

    Friday Oct 04 2013

    Friday night. School’s out, you get to leave the office, and you have the whole weekend ahead of you. The biggest question on your mind at this point is “what is there to do?” Well if you want a break from the ordinary, you should check out TopGolf. TopGolf is a Texas based company that offers a unique entertainment experience through golf. This isn’t your grandfather’s  golf course though. The layout consists of golfing stations set up in rows facing the target field. There are multiple stories of rows, and they all face the field that has several targets scattered around...

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  • Royers Pie Haven

    Tuesday Oct 01 2013

    THE PIE HAVENRound Top, not to be confused with Round Rock is home to a modest number of 91 people. Something sets this small town apart from the rest, is it that natural southern-hospitality flare, that eclectic antique essence you can feel from every mom and pop business that inherit the land... Or is it something sweeter? Round Top is home to Royers Pie Haven. Lines and lines of people crowd into the welcoming shop just to get a lick of the best pies around.Yes Royers Pie Haven is without a doubt most well know for their pies but with...

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  • Blue Bell Creameries

    Tuesday Sep 24 2013

    We all know that there’s nothing more American than baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet, but as Texans we also know that you can’t eat apple pie without ice cream. And you can’t eat ice cream if it’s not Blue Bell ice cream. Blue Bell has been this state’s leading producer of ice cream since Blue Bell Creameries set up shop in Brenham, Texas in 1907. Blue Bell is as Texan as the flower that gives the company its name. It began as a small regional ice cream maker, not expanding outside of Texas until the late 1980’s. Even today,...

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  • The Menger Hotel

    Friday Sep 13 2013

    Everyone knows the Alamo, “Remember the Alamo” being a phrase that is etched in the minds of all Texans. While the Alamo is the most well known attraction in San Antonio, it is not the only attraction of historical significance. Located within walking distance of the famous Alamo is one of the most famous hotels in Texas, The Menger Hotel. The Menger opened it doors in 1859, just 23 years after the fall of the Alamo, on the site that previously held Menger’s brewery, Texas’ first brewery. The Menger opened as a world-class luxury hotel, and it was widely regarded as...

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  • Texas Music Festival Anticipation Guide

    Wednesday Sep 11 2013

    Texas Music Festival Anticipation GuideUtopiafest 2013 - Utopia, TXSeptember 19-21, 2013Breakaway Music Festival Dallas 2013 - Dallas, TXSeptember 21, 2013Austin City Limits 2013 - Austin, TXOctober 4-6 and 11-13, 2013Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 - Austin, TXNovember 8-10, 2013South By Southwest 2014 - Austin, TXMarch 11-16, 2014Old Settler’s 2014 - Driftwood, TXApril 10-13, 2014Austin City Psych Fest 2014 - Austin, TXMay 2-4, 2014

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  • Fuego Tortilla Grill

    Saturday Sep 07 2013

    UT or A&M? This is a question that has devastated relationships, divided houses, and made buying any shade of orange or maroon risky business. So while it’s impossible to make an Aggie like UT and a Longhorn like A&M, what about the cities themselves? Is it possible that the cities in which these Universities are located have local specialties that would please even the rivals? We began our quest to answer this question by exploring College Station, and we found one of Aggieland’s most treasured jewels, Fuego Tortilla Grill. College Station, Texas. It’s best known for being home to Texas...

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  • Tasty Tuesday: Tailgate Food

    Tuesday Sep 03 2013

    Football is to Texas what religion is to a priest. We just love it! Nothing is better than watching some football with family and friends. Tailgating, like football, is also a traditional favorite of many Texans. What's a tailgate without some perfect tailgate food?We gathered some of the best looking and easiest tailgate snack ideas. We hope you will try some of them out next time your watching your favorite past time at home or at the stadium.Burger ChipWhat you will need:16 large frozen French-fried waffle-cut potatoes (1/3 of a 22-oz. pkg.)1 lb. ground beef or turkey2 to 3 tsp....

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  • Football Time

    Wednesday Aug 28 2013

    We all know that football is a big deal here in Texas. High school football is a major event that brings communities together and keeps students focused on staying in school. It attracts people from all different ages and genders, and it's something that is rooted deeply in the Texan lifestyle.College football is similar to the high school football experience, but it's even more intense. With so many colleges here in Texas that have strong football programs, it could even be said that it's followed more intently than pro football. The $744 average transaction price of a ticket to the...

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  • Bat Fest

    Monday Aug 26 2013

    Austin is a city in Texas that is full of fun entertaining things to do at any day of the week. The ninth annual Bat Fest was this past weekend's main attraction for locals and visitors. 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from under one of Austin's bridges at dusk.Over 75 arts & craft vendors were in attendance displaying all sorts of  local artists, fashion sellers, and various other vendors that welcomed the city of Austin's most artistic. Almost all of the artists or private vendors were from Austin or very close. The city is very well known for supporting...

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  • Antique Alley Texas

    Friday Aug 23 2013

    Texas’ rich culture can be seen in many aspects of Texas life. The food, the music, and the overall lifestyle in Texas are all enriched by the history of this great state. Texas has long been a place where communities form with members from different parts of the U.S., and even different parts of the world. This rich diversity is very much prominent in one of Texas’ greatest traditions: the antique market / flea market. This is where pieces from different generations and different areas of the globe come together and tell a story about where they came from, and...

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  • Films Filmed in TX - Part 1: AUSTIN

    Tuesday Aug 20 2013

    Films shot in ATX:1) Dazed and Confused - IMDB >>Matthew McConaughey   Photo Credit >>The adventures of incoming high school and junior high students on the last day of school, in May of 1976.  imdb >>Stars:Jason London, Rory Cochrane, Wiley Wiggins | See full cast and crewToney Burger - Sunset Valley (Football stadium near end of film)Bedichek MS - (Robert E Lee HS)Top Notch Restaurant - 7525 Burnet Rd Austin, TX (Hamburger Place)West Enfield Park in ATX - (Party Scene)_________________________________________________________________________________ 2) Kill Bill Volume I - IMDB >>Uma Thurman      Photo Credit >>The Bride wakens from a four-year coma. The child she carried...

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  • The Franklin Barbecue Experience

    Tuesday Aug 20 2013

    What BBQ line do you know that starts at 6:30am on a Saturday morning? If you guessed the unmistakable Franklin BBQ in Austin you correct! We didn't get there at 6:30 in the morning however. We arrived to contribute to the ever growing line at around 8:20 that morning and discovered that once Franklin opened at 11am we would have about an hour wait ahead of us but we were pretty much guaranteed the best BBQ you could find.Getting closer to the main entrance! At around 9 in the morning Franklin BBQ associates would let us know about how long the wait would...

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  • Texas Move In

    Thursday Aug 15 2013

    It’s late summer, and it can only mean one thing... college move in is right around the corner! With so many large colleges located in the Lone Star State, it’s likely that you know someone who is getting ready for the big move, or perhaps you’re preparing for college yourself. In order to help ease some of the stress here are some tips for college provided by Mayflower Transit:Modern Dos and Retro Don’tsFirst impressions countModern – Do pack your clothes and accessories carefully so everything will look fabulous for that great first impression. College-bound students now have wardrobes that rival Paris...

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  • Actors Born in Texas

    Monday Aug 12 2013

    Actors and Actresses Made in Texas:Matthew McConaughey - Uvalde, TexasJennifer Love Hewitt - Waco, TexasForest Whitaker - Longview, TexasJennifer Garner - Houston, TexasDennis Quaid - Houston, TexasJamie Foxx - Terrell, TexasAlexis Bledel - Houston, TexasGary Busey -  Goose Creek, TexasTommy Lee Jones - San Saba, TexasOwen Wilson - Dallas, TexasRenee Zellweger - Katy, TexasLarry Hagman- Fort Worth, TexasEthan Hawke - Austin, TexasSelena Gomez - Grand Prairie, TexasMatt Bomer - Spring, TexasEva Longoria - Corpus Christi, TexasWoody Harrelson - Midland, TexasJim Parsons - Houston, TexasMore actors and actresses from the Great state of Texas >>

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  • The Cliftex Experience

    Monday Aug 12 2013

    The movie theater has long been an American staple. The movies offer an escape from the stresses of everyday life, and during summer they allow one to get away from the hot Texas sun and cool down with an iced soda. The movie theater has evolved as time has passed since they have gotten bigger, more complex, and more expensive. These modern theaters are a great feat of modern engineering, but they also lack much of the character of the theaters from yesteryear. The Cliftex, located in Clifton, Texas, is the oldest continuously operating movie theater in Texas. Opened to...

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  • Tasty Tuesdays: Texas Salsa

    Tuesday Aug 06 2013

    We are Texans. You know what that means? We love GREAT food and we love salsa! It's true but many times Texans get caught up in the many faces of fried food art. Healthy choices are often compromised for flavor. I'm going to share a super easy recipe that anyone can do and enjoy virtually guilt-free.Pico de Gallo is super easy and it is where health and satisfaction harmonize.6 Diced Roma Tomatoes (If you are making a lot)1/4 diced Red Onion1  diced Garlic clove1 diced Full jalapeno2-3 chopped Chives1/2 cup of fresh cilantro leaves1/2 a limeSalt and Pepper to taste Mix...

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  • Video Games Texas Edition

    Monday Aug 05 2013

    Texas is best known for its wide open spaces, unique culture, and amazing food, but what about technology? Texas is obviously technology forward as evidenced by the large number of tech companies that call the Lone Star State home such as Dell, Texas Instruments, and AT&T. What is less talked about in terms of technology in Texas is the entertainment side of technology. Take video games for example, the article “Four Video Games You Might Not Realize were Made in Dallas” from The Dallas Observer might surprise you.See if you recognize any of these titles that were created thanks to...

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  • Scenic Sunset Texas Edition

    Thursday Aug 01 2013

    Picture this scenario; you’re by the pool on a beautiful summer’s evening, enjoying good food in the company of your friends, when all of a sudden, a group of 5,000 birds flies overhead. That would be a pretty incredible sight wouldn't it? Well now lets take that and adjust it fit the “everything is bigger in Texas” motto. How about seeing between 750,000 and 1,500,000 bats fly above the Colorado River? Now that’s more like it. One of Austin’s biggest attractions that you must check out is the bat flight on Congress Avenue. Around sunset between the months of April...

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  • Tasty Tuesdays!

    Tuesday Jul 30 2013

    We are so excited to share that we will be doing Tasty Tuesdays for all our readers to learn about various Texas inspired cooking, grilling, and baking recipes. We will be giving a short sneak peek at some of the types of food we will be covering. Be sure to come back every Tuesday to check out some of the recipes we will be revealing for you all! Find the full article in Texas Monthly. If you love Franklin's BBQ in Austin TX then check out the awesome shirt Aaron Franklin is wearing in Parade's Day in the Life Story HERE shoptwt.comSMOKED...

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  • Hands On Museum

    Saturday Jul 27 2013

    When you think of a museum, what do you picture? Abstract art? Expensive vases? Glass cases? Generally, the museum has a reputation for being a little bit, shall we say, clinical. Yes, there are great works of art and history located within their walls, but they are presented in such a cold and systematic way that the museum as a whole can sometimes hide the magic lurking within the individual exhibits.For example, when you walk into most museums, the most important rule always seems to be "Don't touch". But what about if you were able to not only touch, but...

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