Hey!... Alright, Alright, Alright,

We will be hosting a fun little challenge with our friends, family and brand followers.  Through ESPN.com, we would like to invite you to compete in what we hope to be our annual College Pick'em fantasy football league.  There is no entry fee... totally free to join.  There will be weekly winners based on the highest points scored and will then be a second place and grand prize winner at the end of the year based on season highest points.  The winners will have the opportunity of winning prizes such as koozies, shirts, stickers and more.  To help us build our league members, we would greatly appreciate it if you passed the word on.  We are hoping for at least one other person decides to join :).
We do ask if we can gather some information from you.  This will not be shared with anyone outside of our team.  This will used to help us ship out prizes throughout the season.  We do not plan on hunting people down during the season.  Therefore, this will help make things run smoothly and efficiently.
Information Needed: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dp5Tyl9rR70aBERsL9BdE43M73w8j3VaiVi2kvZ24bE/viewform
This message is from Tumbleweed TexStyles who is challenging you to play College Pick'em on ESPN.com.

This game challenges you to select the winner of 10 selected games for 15 weeks during the NCAA football season using a confidence scoring system. You receive the amount of confidence points you assigned to each game, but only if you correctly selected the winning team. Best of all, it's FREE to play.

Get in the action now:

Group: Tumbleweed TexStyles
Password: SHOPTWT

Rules: Keep it family friendly.  Appropriate team names, words, comments, etc.

Games begin this Saturday.  Hop on by Friday to give yourself a chance to win some sweet TWT gear.  Looking forward to it.  Thanks!