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Meet The Team // Carissa

Meet Carissa Tumbleweed TexStyles

Tell us where you grew up and a little about your background...

I lived in Plano since I was 1 & attended Plano East.  For college, I went to Texas A&M, where I met my husband, Brandon (a football coach at Frisco Liberty High School). We have two kids, Nick (12) and Emma (9).

What is your role in TWT?

As the Store Manager, I create an environment that is both inspiring and engaging to our customer.  Responsibilities umbrella: Sales & Service, Visual and Product Management, Store Operations, Lead HR & employee relations for the store.

What is your current go-to TWT product?

Bandanas!  Wear them as a scarf, hair accessory, tie around your bag strap, wear as a mask, etc.  And the designs are SO GOOD!!  

Current song you could listen to on repeat all day?

Lady May - Tyler Childers (IF you know, you know!)

What is a weird or hidden talent you have?

I can name the states in alphabetical order in less than 30 seconds - thanks to my elementary school music teacher.  I definitely thought it was a song focused on Texas though. Did other states shout out their state? Just us?

What are you currently binging on Netflix?

Shitt's Creek – re-watching - I need these characters back in my life!

 Would you rather control the weather or Talk to animals?

Talk to animals!! I think I know what my dog is thinking, but I bet she'd be really funny! 

What would you say is your idea of a perfect vacation?

Laying on the beach in Hawaii!!



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