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Texas Mamas of Tumbleweed TexStyles

Texas Mamas of Tumbleweed TexStyles




Meet Hillary Wysong! By day, Hillary is married to her college sweetheart, Brian, and is an incredible mom to two precious kiddos, an 8-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son. Also by day, Hillary is a graphic artist for locally-based Tumbleweed TexStyles, of which her husband Brian is co-owner. In her role as graphic designer, Hillary creates products and marketing designs for the Texas-inspired apparel and lifestyle brand, which you can see in the TWT flagship Downtown Frisco store (7511 Main Street) or online. Between using her talents as a graphic designer and being a supermom to a busy toddler and a special-needs daughter, Hillary is also actively involved in serving others through her local church, the Miracle League of Frisco, and the Frisco Education Foundation. I was able to ask Hillary a few questions to learn a little more about her, and I know you’ll want to learn more about her too!

Question: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from, how have you come to live in Frisco, and what is your family life like?
I grew up in Sugar Land, southwest of Houston, and graduated with my Communication Design degree from Texas Tech out in Lubbock. There I met my husband, Brian, at a church event. He was a marketing major and we always talked about how amazing it would be to own a business where he would do the marketing and I would create the design work. It took us a few years, but we finally got there! 

After graduating we got married and he got a marketing position at a company in Dallas and encouraged me to pursue design and photography. I started my own design and photography business, which I loved and did for about 7 years. However, it was difficult to find a work/family balance, especially after we had our daughter. By that time we had moved to Frisco, Brian had been teaching a few years, and I joined him in education, becoming a marketing, art, and animation teacher. I taught for six years before taking the plunge to go full time with Brian and Tumbleweed. It is amazing looking back and seeing all the pieces from the journey feed into where we are now!

By the time our daughter was about 6 months old, it was obvious that she was missing developmental milestones, and after visiting a geneticist we discovered that she has partial trisomy of the #4 and #13 chromosomes. Essentially, she has an extra chromosome that was causing her developmental delays and other issues that we would later discover. We were devastated by the news and felt like the rug had been pulled out from under us. The geneticist herself could not give us an idea of what to expect for our daughter’s future, since there was literally only one other recorded case that was the exact same as hers. 

Like most parents, we envisioned our child to be the best at everything - a world class all-around athlete, graduating top of her class, talented artist, and a musical prodigy (although where she would have gotten any sort of musical talent is beyond me). And like most parents, we have had to learn to let go of those things to let her be who she is meant to be. That has turned out to be someone who loves her family more than anything, who is fiercely protective of her little brother, with a talent for problem solving, a sharp memory, and a laugh that is hands-down my favorite sound in the whole world. 

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Next up, meet Ashley Miller! Ashley is a long-time Frisco resident, along with her husband, Justin, and their two darling kids. Ashley works in public relations for the Frisco-based National Breast Cancer Foundation, where she works tirelessly to help women and families going through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. She is also heavily involved in the Frisco community, sitting on the boards of multiple local non-profit organizations and business networks. Ashley is the friendly face of Frisco in so many ways, and will always take a moment out of her busy day to encourage and inspire people in the community and beyond.

Question: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from, how have you come to live in Frisco, and what is your family life like?
My name is Ashley, and I’m originally from West Monroe, Louisiana. Even a true Cajun at heart finds their way to Texas! My husband Justin and I have lived in Frisco for 12 years now and we are so proud to call Frisco HOME. I relocated to Sports City, USA, for a job after obtaining my Mass Communications degree with a concentration in Public Relations. We have two kiddos- a 3-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son, and two rescue pups.

I am the Director of Public Relations for the National Breast Cancer Foundation headquartered right here in Frisco! I am proud to serve as Mayor Cheney’s Campaign Manager, on the Board of Directors for the Frisco Chamber of Commerce and on the Board for Melody of Hope [a local non-profit organization that uses the power of music to bring people together regardless of background or beliefs]. You can find me around town most weekends emceeing local events, concerts and volunteering to bridge gaps in our community.




And finally, meet Amy Kryzak! Yes, yours truly- I’m a local Frisco mom, too! I have been married to Jeph for 11 years and we have two kiddos, an 8-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son. In my before-kids life, I held a variety of roles in higher education, including advising undergraduate and graduate students, as well as editing theses and dissertations for doctoral candidates. I became a stay-at-home mom when my daughter was born in 2012, then decided to brush off my writing skills and start my blog, Frisco Mom Life, about two years ago. I love being involved in the Frisco community through my church and local non-profit organizations, and am also a freelance contributing writer to Frisco Style Magazine, the Collin County Moms blog, and the Visit Frisco blog. Basically, #iheartfrisco.

Question: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from, how have you come to live in Frisco, and what is your family life like?
I grew up in Conroe, north of Houston, and graduated with a Masters degree in English from Texas Tech University in 2008. While at Texas Tech, I met my husband, Jeph, and married him in 2010. Jeph and I moved from Dallas to Frisco in 2011 and have lived in the same house here for 10 years! We’ve gone from waking up to the mooing of cows in an adjacent field to seeing our immediate community and infrastructure change and expand to meet the needs of a growing and thriving city.

Our kids attend our neighborhood elementary school, where our daughter is in 2nd grade and our son is in kindergarten. Despite neither Jeph nor I being particularly sporty (I was in marching band, he was the high school mascot), our kids are nuts about sports, particularly soccer. So you’ll see us carting them to and from practices several times a week, and cheering at the soccer fields most weekends as they live out their soccer star dreams, and us vicariously through them.

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This Mother's Day Blog was compiled by Frisco Mom Life in partnership with Tumbleweed TexStyles.

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