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How To Hang Your Hammock

How To Hang Your Hammock

How To Hang Your Hammock

Whether you're going camping in a national park or having a relaxing day in your backyard, it's always good to know how to hang a hammock. Hammocks are perfect for relaxing in nature after a long day of exploring the outdoors, and are something you'll use year after year on those days you can't help but get outside. Pick your favorite scenic spot and get ready to listen to the sounds of the outdoors — we're here to help make this process simple and easy so you can get to the good stuff. 

What you will need:

    Hammock Straps Tumbleweed TexStyles             TWT Hammock 

    Set Up:

    1. Find your ideal location to set up your hammock. We recommend finding a space with two trees that are approximately 12-15 feet apart. This will get you the most optimal angle when setting up your hammock and will make it comfortable for your enjoyment.

    2. Remove your hammock straps from the case and separate the straps. You will have two straps that will be used to attach each side of the hammock.

    3. Wrap one strap around the tree and thread the adjustment point end through the labeled end and pull tight to ensure that it is sturdily gripping the tree. Repeat the process on the other tree. 

    4. Open your hammock bag and attach the hammock carabiners to the adjustment loops on each end of the straps.

    5. Gently lower yourself into the hammock to determine if the straps need to be adjusted better for comfort.

    6. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!

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