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Claire's Four Ways to Style a Tee

Claire's Four Ways to Style a Tee
Three Ways to Layer a Tee:


Hi y’all! My name is Claire Biggers and I am a junior at Wakeland High School. I love all things fashion and Tumbleweed TexStyles, so I wanted to give some styling tips. If you wear t-shirts as much as I do, I hope this helps all of you up your t-shirt game!


1. Turtleneck

Layering a turtleneck under a graphic t-shirt is the perfect way to add a little edge to any outfit. Turtlenecks are great for any season because they can be thick or thin. They also are very versatile because they come in every color so you can coordinate them to your t-shirt. Or, opt for a neutral color and wear it with everything!

Retro Texas Chica Tumbleweed TexStyles

2. Denim Jacket

Trying to find a way to add a casual, cute vibe to any t-shirt? Denim jackets are great for this and can change an outfit in so many ways different ways. They can be distressed, cropped, dark, light, or oversized. You can find high-end denim or thrift it and add some iron on patches or pins to make it your own! Tumbleweed TexStyles even sells their own patches that would be perfect for this.

Texas Forever Monarch Butterfly Tumbleweed TexStyles

3. Flannel

Flannels can be styled on girls and guys and add a level of warmth and comfort to any t-shirt. They come in an assortment of color combinations which is great for spicing up a simple t-shirt. Especially a more neutral design that needs a little extra styling.

Whataburger Flag Texas Tumbleweed TexStyles

Cropping Without the Commitment 

Cropped t-shirts are so flattering and look great with any bottoms including pants, skirts, and shorts, but sometimes pulling out the scissors can be a little scary. This hack solves any reservation you have with cropping.

I wear this DIY all the time and have coined it as the “bra tuck”. 

All you have to do is tuck the bottom of your t-shirt under the bottom of your bra and give it a light tug to create the perfect feux-crop outfit.

Vintage Frisco Tumbleweed TexStyles- Claire

I hope y’all enjoyed this fun, fashion content! Be sure to join me and the Tumbleweed TexStyles team at the store, April 25th, for our Frisco Education Foundation fundraiser. If you're interested or want any more information, check out our Facebook group at the link below. 

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Author: Wakeland High School Student, Claire Biggers

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