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Better At The Lake

Better At The Lake

You know that feeling of anticipation when the seasons begin to change? It may not feel like we have many true seasons here in the south, but there’s still some things that make different times of year extra special from the rest. As the school year draws to a close and the Texas heat is out to play, summertime here in Texas just can’t be beat. For us, regular trips to the lake are at the top of our priorities. 

While we’re based here in Frisco, this year's Lake Collection brought us a little further south to Houston (mixed feelings here, we know). One of our TWT team members grew up on Lake Conroe, so it only seemed right to grab some friends, hop in the jeep, and head to the family lake house. We’re not quite sure if taking work home with you has ever been more fun.

Even though most of us can’t be at the lake as often as we’d like, these lake shirts will remind you of where you’d rather be all summer long. There’s something good for the soul that comes from relaxing in the warm sun or being launched from a tube that makes these days the ones we’re dreaming of year round.

So grab the cooler and your crew and get to the lake as soon as you can — the doctor said it’s just what you need. But before you go, be sure to grab our lake t-shirts and maybe some hats and koozies to go with them. Good music and great days are waiting for you OR coming right up.


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