What Tumbleweed Texstyles Means to Us

June 22, 2016

What Tumbleweed Texstyles Means to Us

Tumbleweed TexStyles co-founders Jeb Matulich and Brian Wysong
Tumbleweed TexStyles is more than just hand-designed t-shirts and quality Texas gear (
...although those surely aren’t overlooked). Our company is all about getting personal with our customers, as patrons, as individuals, but most importantly as fellow Texans.

Great show at a local Dallas venueSometimes, it blows us away just how many diverse groups of people can relate to our design and our vision. Walk into a local hotspot and you’ve got cowboys, hippies, farmers, college kids, yuppies, and housewives all enjoying the same culture, a culture made by Texans and for Texans. And it’s that kind of culture we try to reflect in our products. From our tank tops to our drink koozies to our dog t-shirts, Tumbleweed Texstyles looks to embody who Texans are in the clothes they wear.

There’s this shared Texas understanding that we’ve all got somewhere deep in our brains in between the names of star football players and the closest place to get the best sweet tea. There is some stuff that Texans justget, and we try to channel that into each piece of our merchandise. It’s no surprise that there is more state pride in Texas than anywhere else in the whole USA. It’s bold. It’s electric. And we love it.

The Rustic, a local Dallas venueThey say “everything’s bigger in Texas” but we believe that fostering this culture starts small. Getting involved in our local community is huge for us. Investing in small business, dining at local restaurants, local events, local artists—any way we can support our fellow Texans is good in our book as it helps to create a deeper sense of community. A community we continue to cherish.

And so, we believe that at Tumbleweed TexStyles it’s our mission to help tie all 27 million Texans together to continue to build and maintain the Texas legacy. The cowboys. The hippies. The farmers. And, yes, even the college kids. Doesn’t really matter who you are—just as long as you’re wearing one of our shirts!