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Behind the Design: Summer Styles

Behind the Design: Summer Styles

Behind the Designs: Summer Styles

We believe awesome graphic t-shirts are always the go-to apparel item—especially during the hot Texas summer. A trip to the park. A day at the beach. It's easy to look and feel cool while rocking one of our many sweet summer styles. Like the rad Texas Lone Star Tee pictured below (click here)!

Lone Star Texas TeeBut, how did all these designs come about? Well, as our imaginative creative director and designer Jeb Matulich would say, "it's all about doing things you love to do in Texas."

You can find bits of summer inspiration in almost all over our designs. Travel. Family. Friends. Food. Weather. Exploring. Growing up, we would spend the majority of our summers either hanging out with friends, visiting our families, or road tripping to random places around Texas and the United States.

Lone Star and Tex-Mex TeeNow, we continue those traditions. We love to road trip to new places, see family and explore things or places that we have never been or tried. For us, inspiration comes when we're trying new restaurants, going to concerts, and enjoying the outdoors, all the while constantly taking notes, sketching out ideas, and searching for more inspiration. 

Such inspiration can be seen in our "Lone Star & Tex-Mex" Tee which simply features some classic summer grub that is staple to southern Texas (click here).

We incorporate those things in our brand, designs, social media and lifestyle. Our brand is an extension of who we are and the things we love. We truly live the lifestyle we represent. Jeb utilizes his travels as ways to gain inspiration for future designs while Brian uses his travels and experiences as ways to help build our brand and to gain fun market research. 

Tumbleweed Texstyles has always been and always will be a brand for Texans, by Texans. Finding inspiration from all around the state helps us in preserving that idea, that culture, that Texas unity. And we hope you guys will continue to do the same.

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