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Behind the Design- Happy Texas

Behind the Design- Happy Texas


HAPPY TEXAS- At first glance you don't notice the intricate design behind our Happy Texas tee, but if you look a little closer you will see hundreds of tiny Texas silhouettes that make up this face. We wanted to take on this retro trend and make it ours. What better way to do that than to add a little Texas flare. One of the best things about this design is that you can keep the secret of the tiny Texas' or you can show them off to everyone you know. Our designer, Hillary Wysong, was enamored by the idea of this design and wanted to make it more of Tumbleweed TexStyles's vibe. As a designer, Hillary loves to hide hidden gems among our designs that only the customer and the team know about. You might be familiar with the hidden Texas of our Yellow Rose design  or the hidden panhandle of Texas that Co-Founder and Creative Product Director, Jeb Matulich, did in our Native Texan designs. These hidden gems and stories behind our designs add extra value to our product and a fun story to tell friends and family. It is all about the details. Can you spot the mini Texas Silhouettes?

Smiley Texas Design

 Behind The Process

Quality is our top priority at Tumbleweed TexStyles. That is why our goods are produced locally here in Texas and made with an extreme attention to detail. Each design printed starts with a sketch from a sketchbook. Each sketch is then converted to an art file. From there, a screen print is made specifically for each design and colors are carefully chosen. Watch as our production team makes the magic happen. From a blank tee to our finished graphic tee. Look closely to see if you can spot the hidden Texas Silhouettes throughout the printing process. 

Finished Product

This tee is already one of our team's favorites. We have been excited for this drop all year. Our favorite way to style it is to roll up the sleeves, pair with some cuffed denim jeans, and a pair of chucks or vans! This tee will spread those good ole Texas vibes no matter where you go. Go back in time and carry the secret of the tiny Texas silhouettes within this design wherever you go. 

 Happy Texas

Happy Texas


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