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Texas Towns - Behind The Design by Tumbleweed TexStyles

Texas Towns - Behind The Design by Tumbleweed TexStyles

The very popular Texas Towns design originates from us (the Tumbleweed TexStyles crew).  It was one of our very first designs dating back to 2011 when we first started the company.  The inspiration came from our Co-Owner and Creative Director, Jeb Matulich. On July 18, 2011, he was sketching and doing his thing around midnight and came up with what we now know as the Texas Towns.  If you don't believe me, check out Jeb's blog, "Junky Trinkets" that showcases the day that the idea and initial concept came to him.  You can see the process below.

Still till this day, Texas Towns is still our best seller.  You might have seen it on some of our friends and famous Texans - Aaron Franklin, Chet Garner, Daniel Vaughn, Josh Abbott, Lee Ann Womack, Zane Williams, Aaron Watson, and even from the team at Texas Humor.  It has been a fun ride seeing this shirt go from an idea, a sketched out concept, a tee shirt and then being worn by thousands of Texans world-wide. 

It has been very frustrating seeing all the copycats that are popping up around Texas, but  it is also flattering knowing that so many artists, boutiques and large retailer chains look to Tumbleweed TexStyles for the latest in design trends, design concepts and what is "cool" in the Texas niche.

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Check out our quick little video of Jeb talking about the Texas Towns. Watch >>

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