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About us

THE COMPANY:Tumbleweed TexStyles was born from the creativity and passion of two Texas educators.  Brian and Jeb’s zeal for Texas, music, art, design, and fashion drive the company to reach consumers that share these passions and to reach fellow Texas lovers of all ages.  In the early stages of company development, Brian and Jeb wanted a company name that would match their enthusiasm and vision. 

The tumbleweed is something that will go where the wind takes it.  The tumbleweed will disperse seeds as it rolls across the land, leaving bits and pieces behind.   The resilient plant is a large assimilation of many smaller plants’ parts.  The tumbleweed will grab hold of new parts and carry with it, the things in its’ path.  Much like the Tumbleweed, Brian and Jeb utilize their collective passions and pour them into the company so that they can grab hold of every lover of Texas and ultimately promote the emergence of a refined Texas culture. A Texas culture that is prideful, that is artsy, that is creative; and doing it all in style.

THE SHIRTS: Shirts – 
While we want our consumer to feel stylish, we also want them to be comfortable. We will only offer quality shirts with comfort and style in mind; perfect for the true Texan at heart.  To view the details about a shirt, please go to our shop and click on each individual design for more information.

see worn.  Most of our designs are hand-drawn by us and any others start off as a hand-drawing and are then finalized on the computer.

Shipping -
We will ship out orders 1-3 business days after payment has been received.

THE LINGO: TexStyle: n.
The way in which a person expresses or exhibits their deep passion for Texas through fashion, music, attitude, and lifestyle.


Jeb Matulich -
Co-Owner & Creative Director

Jeb Matulich has lived in Texas his entire life, and has literally lived in almost every corner of the state.  Jeb is the son of a high school football coach that moved the family frequently during his younger years of life.  Jeb is what many would call a self-taught artist. Drawing and painting became a love of his at a very young age. Jeb would spend hours drawing from Sports Illustrated magazines and Air Force publications. After a couple of art courses in middle school he was hooked for life.   Jeb was a nationally acclaimed draftsman in high school which led to his pursuit of an Architecture degree at Texas Tech University in the early 90’s. Three changes in his major later, he found himself teaching and coaching like his father. Jeb finds inspiration for his artwork and designs from all things Texana.  His subject matter ranges from old rusty neon signs and landscapes, to Texas landmarks and maps. His love for Texas and design led him to pair up with a fellow teacher, Brian Wysong to form Tumbleweed TexStyles in the fall of 2011.  Together they are trying to create a trendy artistic Texas t-shirt line that appeals to Texans everywhere.  Jeb currently is a high school art teacher in Frisco, Texas.  You can find Jeb at the local thrift store or first in line at an area estate sale looking to find materials and ideas for his artwork.  Jeb documents all of his art endeavors through his blog at

Brian Wysong -
Co Owner & Director of Business Development & Marketing

Brian Wysong grew up in Fort Worth, spending most of his time playing sports, socializing with friends, and dreaming about his one-day business ventures.  At the young age of three years old, Brian was trying to sell things and promote his ideas to anyone that would listen.  That entrepreneurial spirit and vibrant passion for life stayed with Brian as he entered each stage of his life.  His drive and work ethic were molded as he grew up in a military family that stressed hard work, discipline, and the pursuit of dreams.  One such dream was to get a Marketing Degree; a dream fulfilled when Brian graduated from Texas Tech University.  While at Tech, Brian continued to dream big and develop a true passion for helping others.  Directly out of college, Brian became a marketing director of a large non-profit organization, which opened the door to becoming the marketing coordinator and account executive at a branding and marketing agency in Dallas.  Brian knew that he could use his skills in marketing along with his tenacious spirit to reach a wider audience and he chose to embark on a career change.  Brian soon found himself as a marketing teacher and coach in Frisco, Texas.  It was this career change that led him to meet Jeb Matulich; a fellow educator with the shared passion for Texas, art, music and design and the two men launched Tumbleweed TexStyles in the fall of 2011.  Brian’s biggest passions continue to be helping people, building and promoting his businesses, and traveling all over the great state of Texas with his wife and making sure to find the time to stop at all the local music spots.

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