Tejas Yucca Tea Towel

Tejas Yucca Cactus Tea Towel - Add a little freshness to your kitchen with this sweet hand-drawn design. One of our favorite designs now brought to you on a tea towel.

Great for decor or functionality. Perfect for both home and business, these tea towels can ensure easy cleaning, dusting, wiping, and more. With plenty of surface area and quality material, you can rest assured that messes will be an easy cleanup, your dishes won't get scratched from drying, and your towels are going to last. These can be used to cover your rising dough, for napkins on a picnic, to wipe up a spill, as a simple decoration, and a lot more.

★ Made of 100% cotton that's woven in the traditional diagonal pattern

★ Eco-friendly

★ Machine washable