Tacos Y Texas T-shirt

If you like tacos, Texas, and T-shirts you are going to love Tumbleweed TexStyles’ Tacos Y Texas T-shirt.

Imagine sitting down in your favorite Mexican or Tex-Mex Restaurant in a stylish T-shirt proudly displaying your love for all things tacos and all things Texas.

This fun shirt comes in a cool blue color, and it will cool you down like the sour cream you put on your tacos. It’s perfect for foodies and taco lovers.

This shirt is made of 100 percent ringspun Jersey cotton, so that means it is more durable and stronger than a regular cotton T-shirt. The innovative process used to make ringspun cotton makes for a softer feel to the T-shirt, which comes in at 4.7 ounces.

Whether you like hard shell or soft shell tacos, you will like this Tacos Y Texas T-shirt … you already know it is a soft shell shirt. Order one today. Sour cream not included

Cool Blue
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