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Four Different Ways To Style a Tee!

Four Different Ways To Style a Tee!

T-shirts are a staple piece to every wardrobe and can be dressed up or down. Today I am going to be showing you different ways to style one of our Tumbleweed shirts. Whether it is sitting at home on the couch or going to lunch with friends, tees are always a go-to outfit option.

1. Weekend Look

On weekends, it is about spending time with family and friends, hitting the town, running errands and more. With this look I used our Tejas Teepee tee and paired it with a cardigan, flare jeans, a ranch style hat and some booties.

Tumbleweed TexStyles Tejas Outfit IdeasTumbleweed TexStyles Outfit Guide

A great weekend look for guys is to throw on a tee (it styles itself!) with some jeans, sneakers and a hat. The hat adds an extra something to a basic outfit. Hats are a similar to a girl's equivalent of accessories.

Ranchwater T-Shirt

2. Nights Out

Nights out also mean dinners with friends or date night! This is a perfect example on how to elevate any tee. I used our Big X Texas Tee and paired it with a long camel flowy coat, straight leg jeans, and some white heeled booties.

Tumbleweed TexStyles Night Out Outfit Idea

If you don't like dressing up too much, a great way to elevate a date night look for guys is to dress up our Snap Collared Shirts from our Pioneer Collection. Layer up the collared shirt with a nice coat and some nice pants and or pressed jeans. If you are looking for a shoe option you can never go wrong with dressy cowboy boots and or leather shoes.

Night Out Tumbleweed TexStyles Lookbook Men

3. Athleisure Look

Athleisure looks are for on the go and are suitable for both exercising and everyday wear. Below I have provided a men and women's look for athleisure. The first option I chose was our Texas Chica Stacked sweatshirt paired with comfy black leggings and some white sneakers! As for the men's look, I went for our Native Tee, joggers, and some black vans. Both are comfy looks but also practical if you want to go from a casual morning to an afternoon workout.

Athleisure Looks Tumbleweed TexStylesAthleisure Outfit Ideas Tumbleweed TexStyles

4. Layering

 T-shirts are not just for Summer time! They are a great transition piece into winter and fall. All you need is some layering pieces to spice up your wardrobe. I decided to show two different looks for layering, both a guy and a girl look. For the guy look, a great layering piece must have is a flannel. They come in all different color variations and will match most t-shirts you already have laying around in your closet. Along with the flannel and our Camo Patch Tee, we paired it with some light washed jeans, a hat, and some cowboy boots (not pictured).

Layering Flannel Looks from Tumbleweed TexStyles

For this layering look, I decided to show off our Tango Tee with a white fringe jacket, straight leg jeans, and some white sneakers. I always like to have a staple layering piece for my shirts to dress them up or down! Another layering option you can never go wrong with is a simple cardigan as well!

Layering Ideas for Woman Tumbleweed TexStyles

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