Tumbleweed Texstyles Travels to... PORTLAND!

Posted: Aug 12 2016

A good tumbleweed travels far, rolling and rolling, picking up bits and pieces along its journeys. As human tumbleweeds, we trying to do the same; we venture across the states, picking up on the local culture while trying to showcase our own Texas culture cross-country.

This time around, we travel to Portland, Oregon, land of sprawling trees, hippie coffeeshops, and old-meet-news urban landscapes.

On the first day, we enjoyed lunch at Pine Street Market, fueling us up for a great day. We set out for the Pearl district, a very cool and real hip area of the urban metroplex with outdoor dining, small shops, and plenty of breweriesis it all that surprising that we went here first? 

We walked off lunch and enjoyed the nice weather with stops at the Patagonia store, 10 Barrel Brewing, Back Pedal Brewing, the North Face store, and Powell's city of books. Wrapping up the day with dinner at a local spot while seriously considering making a Portland getaway a bi-monthly thing.

The next day, after taking a tour at the Tillamonk Cheese Factory, we went down to the Oregon coast for some escape from Portland's urban life to connect with its natural history. Our coastal journey took us from Rockaway Beach to Cannon Beach and Haystack rock.

Lastly, we journeyed to the town of Seaside where we ate lunch at Gray Whale BBQ. And yes, the pulled pork was incredible, but let us just say that clam chowder—totally underrated. We ended the afternoon in Astoria before making back to Portland for the evening.

Day three took us to Multnomah Falls and the Columbia River Gorge, two more outdoor spots showing off the natural spirit of the area. Then, we drove back into Portland to hit up Cascade Brewery known for their world famous sour beers. Smooth, tart, and flat-out delicious. It was our favorite brewery on the tripand you've seen our track record; that says something!

Lunch found us at the awesome Pine State Biscuits after which we went to the Portland Saturday Market, a huge outdoor artisan market with some truly mazing original artwork from local and regional artists. Later, we walked downtown to visit some more cool shops and parks of which we especially liked Boys Fort, the Poler flagship store, and Bridge and Burn.

And, in TWT fashion, we had samples of beer at Fat Head brewery, initiating a night of brewery visits featuring Hair of the Dog, Commons Brewery, and Basecamp Brewery.

On our last day, we started off the best way possible: doughnuts. A Portland original, Voodoo Doughnuts put other breakfast pastries to shame (while Stumptown Coffee gave us the energy to carry the subsequent food babies).

And in an unironic cliché, we might have just saved the best for last as we visited a Japanese garden which gave more-than-stunning views of skyline and the titanic Mount Hood.

Portland was a magnificent trip, but we are happy to be home (and soon to be planning our next venture). Until then, let us know where you're traveling by sharing your photos on Twitter and Instagram and be sure to use the hashtag #TWT!

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