July 19, 2016

TitleAs self-proclaimed, party-loving Dallas socialites, we have definitely enjoyed our fair share of patios and social venues. (Trust us.) From sharing draft beers to discovering great food trucks to hearing sweet local bands, DFW is no doubt home to some of the coolest spots in the state, and we’ve definitely taken advantage of that. (Again—trust us.)

Now, we’ll let you in on our go-to hangouts. There are a ton of trendy outdoor patios here in Dallas, but here are some of our favorites:

  1. Chicken Scratch - 2303 Pittman St. Dallas, TXChicken ScratchThe trendy look of this outdoor venue sets the background for some stellar chicken biscuits among plenty of other delicious options. And the bar next door isn't a bad touch either!
  1. Rodeo Goat - 1926 Market Center Blvd. Dallas, TXRodeo GoatCarving the perfect burger? No need to look further. The retro dinner ambience of Rodeo Goat brings in regulars to dig in on some of the best food around.
  1. Truck Yard - 5624 Sears St. Dallas, TXTruck YardIndustrial scrapyard meets overgrown, natural scenery, the cool, eclectic vibe of the Texas Truck Yard is great for enjoying some good food trucks. (Our first pick is the Philly cheesesteaks!)
  1. The Rustic - 3656 Howell St. Dallas TXThe RusticThe Rustic is a well-known venue for local and traveling country artists, but it's also got some great grub as well. You won't regret trying the burgers.
  1. COMING SOON: Frisco Rail Yard - Main St. and 1st St. Frisco TXComing Soon: the Frisco Rail YardAlthough Dallas is full of great patios, we're looking forward for this hangout to come to town. Make sure to be keeping an eye out for this sure-to-be hotspot.