Texas BBQ Sign - Behind the Design by Tumbleweed TexStyles

Posted: May 24 2016


Texans love their BBQ. I mean heck, Texas Monthly magazine has their own BBQ editor for their magazine, the BBQ snob himself, Daniel Vaughn.  We knew early on after we started Tumbleweed TexStyles that we would be creating a BBQ design for a tee. After brainstorming for a few days, I locked in on doing a design in the shape of an old Texas neon sign. It just seems like some of the best BBQ joints in Texas have some old worn out signage that has been there forever.  That is what we were trying to capture with this particular look. Our favorite spot in our town is Hutchin's BBQ. If you are up in the Frisco or McKinney area, you need to stop in and get some brisket. 

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